Friday, June 11, 2010

9. Home again.

Daddy had to go home a few days before us and then Mummy and I went too. I had a nice sleep in the car on the way to the airport and sang my little song for everyone before I dropped off. And then I slept the whole time we were flying as well as it had been a busy and tiring week, keeping all those visitors entertained, learning some new tricks like my wrinkle-nosed smile, playing rugby with Daddy and Grandpops, waving goodbye and grizzling when they tried to make me crawl.

When we got home I was very excited to see Brian again and he was pleased to see me too I think. So excited that he ran out of the room in fact ! Daddy was there too so were all together again, but I’m looking forward to seeing my other grandparents and all my uncles and aunts and then visiting Farmor and Grandpops and Great-Grandma Pat in Italy again next month.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

8. A Walk in the woods.

One day we went for a walk in the woods to meet some people who came from a nice place. We sang a song about a loo as we walked up to their lovely little house. The French man there said we shouldn't sing that song because it was frightening. That's probably why they don't have loo there. We sang a song about a green mouse instead which was very strange.

The lady was from Texas where my Daddy was born and she was very pretty, so I left my shorts behind so we could go back there and see her again.

7. Visitors

Lots of people came to see me while I was in Italy which is to be expected when someone so important is in town.

An old lady came and bought me some bibs, and another lady who had nice glasses but she wouldn’t let me touch them. A girl came with her Mum and bought me a lovely toy dog that barks and wags his tail when you pull him along.

The best visitors though were the family who came with the little boy and girl who played with me a lot. She was very pretty and I put my hand on her knee, but I think that was far enough for a first date.

They came for lunch, but they must have been on diets like Farmor and Grandpops at the beach restaurant because they didn’t eat very much.

They bought me a musical toy though with lots of things you can press to make sounds. I even played it with my feet - I wonder if they were the key-toes that the net over my bed is for ?

I hope I see that little girl again, or some of the girls on the beach that Grandpops kept looking at, but none of them are as nice as the best lady in the world – my Mummy.

6. Swimming.

One day it was very hot so M&D put me into my swimming nappy and UV suit and we went into the pish-ina. How was I supposed to pish into it wearing a nappy ?

It was quite chilly, but I didn’t say anything as it was fun being in the pool with Daddy for the first time. Grandpops jumped in too and made a big splash.

When we went to the beach it was a bit different as the water had lots of bits that moved about and came and splashed me. It was colder too, so I didn’t like it much. Mummy wouldn’t let me eat sand either or do anything else I wanted. I suppose that’s why they say life’s a beach.

We went to the seaside another day when the water was much calmer and I liked that better. Farmor took me for a walk in my buggy and when I woke up we were in another restaurant, but outside this time under a lovely palm tree.

The dinner was very strange, we waited a long time and then Mummy had a salad, and then 15 minutes later a fish, and then 10 minutes later some chips ! Farmor and Grandpops must have been on a diet as they didn’t have anything, but I think diets must upset Grandpops as he got very cross and was very red and thin-lipped and had little lines between his eyebrows when he came back from paying, or maybe he’d lost some money betting as he kept saying it was a complete casino.

5. Getting up.

The next morning I was still up very early as I had loads of things to do as usual. First I woke Mummy up to make sure she didn’t sleep too long and get out of the habit of waking up to go to work.

Then we had to drink some milk and walk round the garden and let the chickens out.

Some days I was allowed to go into Farmor’s bedroom and play with her and Grandpops if he was awake. They liked to drink tea in bed, but wouldn’t let me touch the mugs as they said they were hot.

One morning they gave me a new toy to play with – a set of stacking multicoloured rings. They were fun, but the best bit was chewing on the base and the funny noise it made when you squeezed it. That made me laugh, especially when it was pressed against my tummy so it made a fffffrting sound.

They also taught me some new songs and showed me whistling which is a very funny thing to do. And one morning Farmor played some Tango music to see if it helped me go back to sleep. It didn’t – it was far too interesting.

4. Going out.

One night we went out to a restaurant called the Vicky Fat Ear, but I don’t think that’s very nice – my auntie has lovely ears.

I was allowed to stay up very late, but nobody seemed to mind this time. Lots of people in white clothes looked in my buggy and said chow-chow, which is a good thing to say in a restaurant in my opinion. They were all very pleased to see me of course, so I was very good and didn’t cry once.

Mummy and Daddy had lots to eat and said that this was the tent that they were married in – why wasn’t I invited ?

Grandpops and Farmor had a lot to eat too, especially Grandpops - and lots to drink too - but I wasn’t given anything except two bits of bread. It was nice though, biting the crunchy bread with my sore gums and dribbling on it until it gave in.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3. Cherry-arna.

The next morning I woke up in my lovely new cot, and played for a few minutes with the net over it that was to stop me getting key-toes. Then I called Mummy and she came to get me up and took me round a lovely garden full of lots of flowers and trees and other things I like to see and touch.

It was very quiet and peaceful - the only noise was the birds singing and the chickens clucking. We let them out and they thought my little fingers and toes were worms and tried to peck them.

Daddy gave me some breakfast and I ate some of it but spread most of it round my face and over the table and then we went to Cherry-arna and walked around in my new buggy. Lots of people looked at me and said chow-chow just like Daddy, so I smiled at them. They also said I had ockey belly, but Farmor said this didn't mean that I had a fat tummy like a darts player, but that I had lovely eyes which is true.

When we got back to Grandpops and Farmor's house I had some lunch and some lovely ripe cherries, straight off the tree. I suppose that's where the village gets its name from.
2. Flying.

Two weeks ago Mummy & Daddy were getting very excited and shouting a lot while they were doing something called packing. We went in the car to a very big building where we had to wait in lots of queues and then we went into a funny long room with lots of chairs all facing the same way.

M&D got very cross about something a lady said in a very loud voice and then we sat there for hours, and I had to have my nappy changed twice. The man next to us didn't seem very pleased about this - Daddy said something about our souls, although he's not very religious normally.

Then there was a lot of noise and shaking and the room went up in the air. Mummy said we were flying, but I prefer it when Daddy does flying with me in our living room.

When we came down again (with a big bump) we were in a very nice place and we met Grandpops and Farmor who I hadn't seen for weeks - I'd almost forgotten what they looked like, but they seemed to recognise me and were very pleased to see me, which is only to be expected.
1. Hello, Sacha here.

I heard Mummy say that some of her friends are claiming that their little darlings are talking. I could talk of course, but a mouth is much more useful for dribbling, sucking, licking and gumming things. Those other babies just lack imagination.

Meanwhile, I managed to smuggle Grandpop's smartphone (he hasn't figured it out yet) into my cot, so I thought I'd start a blog instead, because lots of interesting things have been happening recently...