Thursday, June 10, 2010

6. Swimming.

One day it was very hot so M&D put me into my swimming nappy and UV suit and we went into the pish-ina. How was I supposed to pish into it wearing a nappy ?

It was quite chilly, but I didn’t say anything as it was fun being in the pool with Daddy for the first time. Grandpops jumped in too and made a big splash.

When we went to the beach it was a bit different as the water had lots of bits that moved about and came and splashed me. It was colder too, so I didn’t like it much. Mummy wouldn’t let me eat sand either or do anything else I wanted. I suppose that’s why they say life’s a beach.

We went to the seaside another day when the water was much calmer and I liked that better. Farmor took me for a walk in my buggy and when I woke up we were in another restaurant, but outside this time under a lovely palm tree.

The dinner was very strange, we waited a long time and then Mummy had a salad, and then 15 minutes later a fish, and then 10 minutes later some chips ! Farmor and Grandpops must have been on a diet as they didn’t have anything, but I think diets must upset Grandpops as he got very cross and was very red and thin-lipped and had little lines between his eyebrows when he came back from paying, or maybe he’d lost some money betting as he kept saying it was a complete casino.

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