Thursday, June 10, 2010

7. Visitors

Lots of people came to see me while I was in Italy which is to be expected when someone so important is in town.

An old lady came and bought me some bibs, and another lady who had nice glasses but she wouldn’t let me touch them. A girl came with her Mum and bought me a lovely toy dog that barks and wags his tail when you pull him along.

The best visitors though were the family who came with the little boy and girl who played with me a lot. She was very pretty and I put my hand on her knee, but I think that was far enough for a first date.

They came for lunch, but they must have been on diets like Farmor and Grandpops at the beach restaurant because they didn’t eat very much.

They bought me a musical toy though with lots of things you can press to make sounds. I even played it with my feet - I wonder if they were the key-toes that the net over my bed is for ?

I hope I see that little girl again, or some of the girls on the beach that Grandpops kept looking at, but none of them are as nice as the best lady in the world – my Mummy.

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