Thursday, June 10, 2010

4. Going out.

One night we went out to a restaurant called the Vicky Fat Ear, but I don’t think that’s very nice – my auntie has lovely ears.

I was allowed to stay up very late, but nobody seemed to mind this time. Lots of people in white clothes looked in my buggy and said chow-chow, which is a good thing to say in a restaurant in my opinion. They were all very pleased to see me of course, so I was very good and didn’t cry once.

Mummy and Daddy had lots to eat and said that this was the tent that they were married in – why wasn’t I invited ?

Grandpops and Farmor had a lot to eat too, especially Grandpops - and lots to drink too - but I wasn’t given anything except two bits of bread. It was nice though, biting the crunchy bread with my sore gums and dribbling on it until it gave in.

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