Thursday, June 10, 2010

5. Getting up.

The next morning I was still up very early as I had loads of things to do as usual. First I woke Mummy up to make sure she didn’t sleep too long and get out of the habit of waking up to go to work.

Then we had to drink some milk and walk round the garden and let the chickens out.

Some days I was allowed to go into Farmor’s bedroom and play with her and Grandpops if he was awake. They liked to drink tea in bed, but wouldn’t let me touch the mugs as they said they were hot.

One morning they gave me a new toy to play with – a set of stacking multicoloured rings. They were fun, but the best bit was chewing on the base and the funny noise it made when you squeezed it. That made me laugh, especially when it was pressed against my tummy so it made a fffffrting sound.

They also taught me some new songs and showed me whistling which is a very funny thing to do. And one morning Farmor played some Tango music to see if it helped me go back to sleep. It didn’t – it was far too interesting.

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