Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3. Cherry-arna.

The next morning I woke up in my lovely new cot, and played for a few minutes with the net over it that was to stop me getting key-toes. Then I called Mummy and she came to get me up and took me round a lovely garden full of lots of flowers and trees and other things I like to see and touch.

It was very quiet and peaceful - the only noise was the birds singing and the chickens clucking. We let them out and they thought my little fingers and toes were worms and tried to peck them.

Daddy gave me some breakfast and I ate some of it but spread most of it round my face and over the table and then we went to Cherry-arna and walked around in my new buggy. Lots of people looked at me and said chow-chow just like Daddy, so I smiled at them. They also said I had ockey belly, but Farmor said this didn't mean that I had a fat tummy like a darts player, but that I had lovely eyes which is true.

When we got back to Grandpops and Farmor's house I had some lunch and some lovely ripe cherries, straight off the tree. I suppose that's where the village gets its name from.

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