Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2. Flying.

Two weeks ago Mummy & Daddy were getting very excited and shouting a lot while they were doing something called packing. We went in the car to a very big building where we had to wait in lots of queues and then we went into a funny long room with lots of chairs all facing the same way.

M&D got very cross about something a lady said in a very loud voice and then we sat there for hours, and I had to have my nappy changed twice. The man next to us didn't seem very pleased about this - Daddy said something about our souls, although he's not very religious normally.

Then there was a lot of noise and shaking and the room went up in the air. Mummy said we were flying, but I prefer it when Daddy does flying with me in our living room.

When we came down again (with a big bump) we were in a very nice place and we met Grandpops and Farmor who I hadn't seen for weeks - I'd almost forgotten what they looked like, but they seemed to recognise me and were very pleased to see me, which is only to be expected.

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